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it.Chinese FI Package




元 120,000.00


  • FP-01 资产负债表 Balance Sheet, Legal Report, Monthly, 会企01表(Legal Report ID)
  • FP-02 利润表 Income Statement, Legal Report, Monthly, 会企02表(Legal Report ID)
  • FP-03 应交增值税明细表 Value Added Tax Payable, Legal Report, Monthly, 会企01表-3(Legal Report ID)
  • FP-04 会计凭证 Accounting Document, Specified Report, Daily, Fixed Format in Chinese
  • FP-05 科目余额汇总表 Trial Balance, Specified Report, Monthly, GL account balance at ending of period
  • FP-06 总分类账 GL Account Balance, Specified Report, Monthly, Contains beginning balance, debit & credit amount, ending balance by period
  • FP-07 科目明细分类账 GL Account Line Item, Specified Report, Monthly, Petty Cash and Deposit account's line items must be display by different format.
  • FP-08 资产减值准备明细表 Assets Devaluation Statement, Legal Report, Annual, 会企01表-1(Legal Report ID)
  • FP-09 股东权益增减变动表 Stock Holder's Equity Change, Legal Report, Annual, 会企01表-2(Legal Report ID)
  • FP-10 利润分配表 Profit Distribution Statement, Legal Report, Annual, 会企02表-1(Legal Report ID)
  • FP-11 現金流量主表 Cash Flow (main part), Legal Report, Annual, Only prepare main part with direct method
  • FP-12 增值税发票数据下载 Download Billing Data with VAT into Golden Tax System, I/F, Daily, Download SAP billing data into Golden Tax system for printing specified invoice form.
  • FP-13 增值税发票数据上载 Upload VAT Invoice Data from Golden Tax System, I/F, Daily, Upload Golden Tax system data into SAP system, and filling VAT invoice no. in accounting document
  • FP-14 会计系统备案数据下载 Accounting Data Download by Registry Standard, I/F, One-time, In Shanghai, new accounting system must be registered at financial office, so SAP need to provide data upon specified requirement.(Standard GB/T 19581-2004)
  • FP-15 帐龄分析表 Customer Open Item Aging Analysis, Report, Monthly, Monitor AR clearing status based on posting date
  • FP-16 对账单 Account Statement, Report, Monthly, Verify the open item with business partner
  • FP-17 物料账 Material Account Balance, Report, Daily, Displays quantity, amount, balance in certain period by material code & storage location